Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This week we have been living with a family in Arequipa while learning spanish. We have classes for 4 hours a day, 2 learning vocabulary and 2 for conversation but the reality is that all four hours are a combination of both. I feel I´ve made leeps and bounds of improvement and it´s only Wed. The week is going fast. I believe it helps to live with a family where spanish is spoken from the time we get up until bed. The family has 4 boys so its a busy household but very nice. They have been very good to us. Monday night we went to see the club they belong to, it was amazing. Most of the space is outside and they have courts for volleyball, archery, a new track, basketball, 2 pools, 4 bocce lanes, you name it. I´ve never seen anything like it. We played a few games of boccee and will load photos once I get them.

In Peru the most common coctail is a Pisco Sour, made with Picso which is derived from grapes, lime juice, sugar and egg white. Its very similar to a margarita in flavor when its all said and done. I´ve had my fair share since we arrived so I felt I needed to learn how to make one. Unfortunately I got my first taste of stomach trouble yesterday, it was rather minor compared to my experience in Mexico but still no fun. As such, I slept off my little fever yesterday while Morgan went to market to get the ingredients for the coctails. From what Morgan told me, it´s larger than a costco full of anything you could imagine (sheap heads, shoes, frog juice). Last night our host family showed us how to make a Pisco Sour, now I just need to buy a few things and ship them home, my sister will love them!

Today we are headed down to the center of town to view the monestary that Arequipa is know for. More to follow afterwards!

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  1. Hey Tiffany,

    I think you should blame Morgan for you getting sick!