Monday, February 8, 2010

Tafi del Valle

I arrived in Tafi to find the smallest village I have yet to visit. The elevation is higher so the air is cooler and I loved every second of that cool air. Unfortunately I couldn´t find any gluten free options other than steak and vegetables. Even worse was the state of the vegetables, I´m under the impression they have traveled far to get here and are worse for the wear. After spending a couple of days walking around and checking out the valley I was ready to move on. I was staying in a hostel dorm room for 8 people but had the first night all to myself and the second night I was joined by a german girl named Charlotte. We hit it off really well. Her spanish was excellent and her english was still better than my spanish so we took turns talking in both so we both got practice. She had been studying in Chile for 6 months and basically spoke fluently. We decided to take off and head to Cafayate the following morning. After a four hour bus ride we arrived in Cafayate to start our next adventure.

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